b>Английский бульдог питомник Монинский Дворик.
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Отзывы наших покупателей / Testimonials
Moninski Dvorik Tornado of Love / Multy CH/CH.BG; CH.Ser; CH MK/ Multy CH/CH.BG; CH.Ser; CH MK/
He lives in Style Bullet kennel with Elena Jordanova! He is such a handsome male!
Glenda Estes USA(male and female)
I LOVE Flower! She is so wonderful. She is a HUGE girl!!!!
VERY VERY big. She is absolutely gorgeous Marina!!!!! Very pretty and so so silly!!!!! She is so happy and silly! I thank you for her in my heart. Traci.
Hello Marina, I hope that you are doing well. Thought I would send a picture of my boy to you. He is one year old yesterday!! Thanks, Debbie (USA)
This wonderful famale the puppy was sold the Michael Hubbard Maryland
Marina, Here is the boy I kept him from you for my newest stud.
I will try to get more photos of him to send to you and yes Please tell other your buyers can call me for references. I will let them know you are honest with GREAT puppies! Best Regards, Ellen Oklaxoma
Hi Marina, Here is my boy I got from you. Here is a picture of the 2 boys. Very sweet babies! I will send more soon. Hope you are doing well!
Thanks Debbie(USA)
Hello, I Am Juna from Moscow. Thanks for this miracle!!! It the most sweet!!!
I am Mike Hubbard in Maryland. I just wanted to let you know that our dog is one of the best bulldogs we have ever had. She is the most loving dog. Attached are a few pictures for you. Mike Hubbard
I live in houston texas and i have a litter of pups out of Moninski Dvorik Pilligrim and Moninski Dvorik Ofelia, son Moninski Dvorik Komilfo. My female is a daughter of ch. backbays rocket man and i am very proud of the puppies just wanted to share pictures of them i am not a breeder i bred my female to keep a puppy from her because we love her so much.
sincerely. Debbie Page.
Добрый день, Марина.
Вот наши детки.Сейчас Патрик весит 7 кг. С
пасибо. Юля.